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Learn the Super Lotto Plus


You might be familiar with playing lotto games but if you have never tried the super lotto plus, you are missing out. There are many people who are now playing the super lotto plus because it is bigger and better. If you would like to know why there are so many people who are now playing the super lotto plus, you might want to find out about it. You might also want to learn how you can get to play it so that you can try it out as well. If you stick around, you are going to find out what this super lotto plus is all about and you are also going to learn how you can get to play it. Without further due, let us get right into it and see what you can learn from that super lotto plus game. Click here to find out more about super lotto plus cash value.

When it comes to the super lotto plus, these games are really exciting because there are bigger cash prices and the like. There are two draws every week and there are many ways that you can get to win. At the start of the super lotto plus, the jackpot is at 7 million dollars and it keeps growing until someone wins the perfect combination of numbers. Jackpots can grow up very fast as there are so many people who are playing the game. In February 2002, the jackpot was raised to a whopping one hundred ninety-three million dollars. Just image if you won that amount of money! With the super lotto plus, you can get to win that amount of money if you hit the big jackpot!

You might be very familiar with the rules of the lotto but if you are unsure of playing the super lotto plus, do not worry so much as it is very similar to what you are used to. You can pick 5 numbers that range from 1 to forty-seven. You will also be given an extra mega number that you can pick from 1 to twenty-seven. A ticket for the super lotto plus is only a dollar and you can get to choose the numbers on your own or you can get an automatic selector to do that for you. YOu are going to be given five times to play on your payslip so that is a very good deal indeed. Once you are done playing, you will be given a receipt which you have to keep because if you win, you will have to give the receipt. Learn more here.


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